One of the most comfortable ways to get to or away from Istanbul’s  airports is by airport transfer. There are many different companies offering transfers from Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. One of them is Backpackers Travel. On 6 September 2011, your Istanbul Wizard Simone Pekelsma used this company’s airport transfer to check the quality of their service for you. She was positively impressed!

Kadikoy to Atatürk Airport Transfer Review

İstanbul Ataturk Airport TransferBackpackers Travel’s airport transfer shuttle bus can take you to and from any address in Istanbul. In my case, it came to my private address on the Asian side of Istanbul, but it can also come to your hotel or hostel of course. Or it can come to one of Istanbul’s airports, to pick you up when you arrive.

On 6 September I had a 10am flight leaving from Ataturk airport. Backpackers Travel’s shuttle arrived at my house 5 minutes before the arranged time. Quite unique in Istanbul, so I was very pleased. I was greeted by two friendly men in a brandnew white van. One of them kindly helped me get my luggage inside and opened the door for me. I was tired, didn’t really sleep very well that night, so I was very happy these kinds of tasks were performed for me. Much better than having to drag your suitcase onto a boat, tram and metro, which I normally have to do to get to Ataturk airport and takes about 2 hours.

Backpackers Travel’s van was new, air-conditioned and comfortable. Once I was seated the drivers immediately asked me if I wanted to have something to drink or listen to some music. I was handed a case full of CDs, including Elvis Presley, Anatolian music and French chansons. I decided to go for some Spanish-sounding CD instead, which I thought would be relaxing classical guitar music, but unfortunately turned out to be some sort of pompous bullfight tunes. It didn’t bother me though. The trip was smooth and fast. I could  just enjoy the ride and look at the different cityscapes outside my window. Within 45 minutes we arrived at Ataturk airport – more than 2 hours before my flight departure. Backpackers Travel’s service saved me from Istanbul’s usual traffic stress, so at the airport I could just enjoy a cup of coffee and start my day (and journey) feeling relaxed and content.

What can you expect?

  • Transportation to/from/between Istanbul’s two airports
  • Fully-serviced transportation at attractive rates
  • Modern and clean vehicles
  • Fast and smooth transfer
  • Friendly drivers
  • Something to drink


Backpackers Travel‘s prices are very low for the kind of luxurious service they provide. A private vehicle for individuals/small groups travelling from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet costs only 20 Euros!
Generally, prices range from 20 to 110 Euros depending on the size of your group and your destination. Click here for an overview of all prices or to book your airport transfer.

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