Istanbulkart is the transit pass card of Istanbul public transportation. (Till 2010 there was Akbil in use but municipality changed it to Istanbulkart, but akbils are still in use for some more while).

Most of Public transport(bus, ferry, metro, tram, train) coins/tickets are 1,75TL  per person. But not to look for somewhere to buy coins/tickets everytime before you get on a public transport, it’s better to get an IstanbulKart. You can buy IstanbulKart for 10TL from any shop which has a signes like “Akbil Bayii”, “Akbil & Istanbulkart dolumu yapılır”.

You can use Istanbulkart to get on public buses, tram, metro, funicular, tunnel, metrobus, local trains, bosphorus ferries, ido local fast ferries and boats.

When you get on one of those public transports, it charges 1,65 TL for most of them. When you get on another public transport in upcoming 2 hours it charges half price.

Exceptions are mostly for bosphorus bridge passing buses and double-deckers which charge two ticket; 3,30TL.