Law Law asked: “What’s the best way to get to Bursa from Istanbul?”

There are 3 different ways to get to Bursa from Istanbul:

  1. Direct Fast Ferry to Bursa: The easiest transport to get to Bursa is fast ferry. From Yenikapı(Close to Aksaray, from sultanahmet taxi fare is nearly 6-7 TL), you can get on a ferry to Bursa which takes just 1,5 hours. It arrives Mudanya(a coast town in Bursa) and there are buses go straight city center of Bursa.
    If you are staying in Asian side of Istanbul, you can get on the ferry from Bostanci or Kadikoy.
    Yenikapı(Istanbul)-Bursa fast ferry ticket fare is 22 TL. If you buy online its 20TL
    Here is IDO(Istanbul Fast Ferry Lines) Website
    Download: timetable of Istanbul Fast Ferries (After 20 June, it will be updated)


    Istanbul Fast ferry - Yenikapi

  2. Buses to Bursa: There are buses from Esenler coach station in European side and from Harem coach station in Asian side. It almost costs same with fast ferries, however it takes 4 hours to arrive Bursa. So it’s better to use fast ferries, if there is one at the time you want.
  3. Fast ferry to Yalova: This third option is just a suggestion for travellers to Nicea, Bursa. You can directly go Yalova and get on a bus which goes Nicea. After your Nicea visit, you can easily get to Bursa in an hour by bus.

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