Get ready for a great, non-stop Bosphorus tour!

Bosphorus Through Headphones presents you a comfortable, audio-guided boatride with private boats on the Bosphorus in İstanbul.

This tour takes 2 hours. The tour starts at 10.00 am but you must be there around 09.45 am. During the  tour, guests are given audio-guide equipment which tells a commentary about the Bosphorus in 9 languages; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Japanese and Arabic. It is really easy to use this audio-guide.You can choose any of these languages by a button on audio-guide, and then press start button.After you start your audio-guide, one and only duty for your hands is to focus on your camera and taking nice pictures of this unusual setting.

The other great thing about tour is that, the tour is on a private boat which is rented by the company. It can easily seat 120 people but they take max. 80 clients. That means more outdoor, and indoor seats in order to avoid the problems that the visitors have on the public ferries. This makes everything more, and more comfortable. Likewise, they have punctual departures, they don’t postpone their departure time for increasing the total number of clients which is a great problem for the visitors who are trapped on the boats at Eminönü for cheaper rates waiting for an unknown and unannounced departure on board. One of the most important thing for that kind of events: Bathrooms! They importance to the availability of clean and nice bathrooms on board which is another major shortage in other cases.

The tour departs from from Kabatash on the European side and it is really easy to reach Kabatash from almost anywhere of Istanbul. The boat goes up north for a while, passes under the Bosphorus bridge, goes by the Rumelihisari-the fortress on Europe and later makes a U-turn under the second bridge and heads back towards the south going closer to the Asian side,finally makes another turn before the nice scenery of the old city and end up at the same spot at 12.30.

They accept bookings through phone calls or e-mails. For a pleasant journey between the two continents and for an unforgetable boatride, you can visit  this webpage : or send an e-mail to