Istanbul, the city of love, provides lots of opportunities for couples to have an unmissable vacation. It was so hard to choose but we have come up with a list of the top 10 things for you to do in Istanbul as a couple…

Bosphorus Night Cruise by Maistora

Bosphorus Night Cruise: This will be the most breathtaking and unmissable experience of your Istanbul visit. Take an evening cruise (especially on a Saturday night from 6pm to 12am). You are sure to fall in love with your partner again while gliding over the Bosphorus with the moonlight and city lights to guide you.

Watch the sunset from the Maiden’s Tower: The Maiden’s Tower is a tower built on a rock in the Bosphorus which provides the perfect landmark from which to enjoy 360° views of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. You can also dine there. Don’t forget to watch the sunset over the silhouette of historical Istanbul from the Maiden’s Tower.

How to get there: From Kabataş and Salacak (Üsküdar) there are ferries which travel directly to the Maiden’s Tower.

Maiden's Tower / Kız Kulesi ( Explore )

Sunset in Istanbul & Maiden's Tower

Moda Shores: One of the most famous local districts in Istanbul to walk around lets you peek at Europe from Asia as well as the Princes’ Islands.

How to get there: You can get there on foot in 15 minutes from Kadikoy.

Sunset view in Moda, Kadikoy by azveöz

Dine at a fish restaurant near the Bosphorus: Taste fish and rakı while you enjoy the Bosphorus view from Arnavutköy, Tarabya, Istinye or Rumeli Hisarı.

Fish restaurant in Bosphorus istanbul

View from a Restaurant in Bosphorus by Stina Baruh

Relax at the Princes’ Islands: The Islands let you lap up the serenity while you check out old villas from the comfort of a horse and carriage. The sweet scent of flowers, emerald hills and sparkling waters of the Marmara Sea will all amaze you. Don’t forget to walk around the Hagia Yorgos Monastery and watch the sun set from the hilltop if you have time.

Fayton in PRINCESS ISLAND Istanbul

Fayton(Horse Carriage) in Princess Island by Al Shaijy

Sample the wine at Mikla or 360 Restaurant: Sample wines at one of these great terrace restaurants. Dine in or just observe how a city of 15 million people looks. (If you have a present for your partner, this should be the place to give it to them!)

Old part of Istanbul view from Mikla Restaurant

Old part of Istanbul view from Mikla Restaurant by careyshea

Drink Turkish Coffee at Pierre Loti: High up on the hill in  Eyüp, enjoy Turkish coffee and take in the amazing Golden Horn views from Istanbul lover Pierre Loti’s former stamping ground.

Golden Horn Pierre Loti

Golden Horn from Pierre Loti by Seiciis

Breakfast at Khidive Mansion (Hidiv Kasrı): Feel like a Sultan and let them serve you a delicious breakfast at one of the most splendid pavilions in Istanbul. This beautiful pavilion is situated on the grounds of a lush park, on a hill near the Bosphorus.

Hidiv Kasrı (Khedive Pavilion) - by Gurel Ayse

Shop at the Grand Bazaar: With its close to 4000 shops and 300,000 visitors each day, the Grand Bazaar is the ideal place to get lost together  while shopping for clothes, textiles, homeware and much, much more.

Grand Bazaar - Kapalı Çarşı - Istanbul

Grand Bazaar view by Giorgia Nicoletti

Enjoy a night out in Taksim (Beyoglu): Enjoy the delicious street food, smoke nargile (Turkish water pipe), quench your thirst in Nevizade or Asmalımescit and end the night at a lively club.

Çiçek Pasajı in Istiklal Street Taksim Istanbul

Çiçek Pasajı in Istiklal Street by Nilgun Erzik