Blue Mosque - Sultanahmet Camii

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque or mosque which is also known as Blue Mosque contains pretty large history. In 17th century, Sultan Ahmed wished to make a Muslim worship place which shall even be better from Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque was the result of it. The cascading domes and six tall minarets provide an eye-catching exterior look to this mosque. However, history said that there were issues created due to six minarets of Blue Mosque because even the world’s holiest Haram mosque in Mecca also had six minarets. Subsequently, Sultan sent his architectures to Mecca to add seventh Minaret in Haram mosque to resolve the issue.

All the mosques in İstanbul still working, means that muslims pray together for almost half an hour for five times in a day for each pray. So, if you are visitor, you can make note of this timings and can avoid visiting the place in these times.

Main Attractions of Blue Mosque

The cascading domes and six tall minarets are the most beautiful attractions of this mosque. The mosque is a large Ottoman structure and its beauty can be appreciated from the distance. Generally, you can find one or two or four minarets in different mosques but this one of the rare mosques which has six minarets in it. The blue interior of the mosque is another eye catching master piece which each and every visitor enjoys. The best time to visit this mosque is evening as it looks the most beautiful under lights.

To add beauty of Blue Mosque, the ground level and piers are lined up with more than 20,000 handcrafted ceramic tiles which makes mosque’s interior look awesome. Design of the tiles has been kept different at different levels. Ground level tiles are designed traditionally where as in the gallery area, the tiles have been made flamboyant with drawings of cypresses, flowers and fruits. All the tiles had been handcrafted under the brilliant pottering artist Kasap Haci and Cappadocian Baris Efendi.

All in all, have a nice trip to Blue Mosque and enjoy its beauty from a distance and at a closer look.