Tolla asked us:


I will be visiting Istanbul with my girlfriend in April and I have some questions that I hope you could help:

1. Hotel recommendations (affordable, safe and in the city)
2. The best way to do tours
3. We are also planning to take a trip to Israel from istanbul. What is the best way to get there? are there other airlines than Turkish airlines that flies to Israel? Are there trains to get there? is it safe?


Hello Tolla,

Firstly, you can choice in Taksim and Sultanahmet hotels. They are in the city and close to historical places.

And I think these our suggestions help you with your trip so you can check this out;

Old Istanbul Walking Tour

Discover Bosphorus With Daily Cruises 

Help With Upcoming Trip 

Unfortunately, trains are not safely. You can choice Turkish Airlines, they are very proffesinol.

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