Gulhane Park Topkapi

If you are planning to visit Topkapi palace or Archaeological Museums, you are surely going to pass through Gulhane Park either before or after the visit to these museums. Gulhane Park is a huge park with tall trees lining a clean pedestrian lane, located adjacent to Topkapi Palace. Once, this park was used only by Sultan, his Harems and other VIP hosts and guests. However, it has been opened for common people as a public park that all visitors can roam through. The southern side entrance of the park makes a large gate of a Topkapi palace. The park also connects Topkapi palace with Archeological Museum. Basically, the park is located just down the hill in the northern direction of Sultanahmet.

A Symbol of Epic Love Stories

According to the history, Guulhane Park has withstand the epic love stories of Sultan and his Harems walking in the park with hands in hands and many people comes here to live those moments with their partners. So, this is a best place for those couples who are in love or newly married and can relive the moments like Sultan and his queen.

Main Attractions of Gulhane Park

A nice and long pedestrian path shadowed by long trees is the most important attraction of this park where people can take a long walk towards the sea. The park is filled with lots of colorful flowers which provide refreshing fragrances. A nice fountain and fish pond are other attractions around which you can sit back and relax. Apart from this, park also has lots of green grass areas and wooden benches. According to some visitors, Gulhane Park is a small replica of New York’s Central park in its beauty. While walking towards the sea side end of the park, take a right before the exit and you will find few coffee shops. You can witness beautiful view of Bosphorous with a cup of hot coffee from these coffee shops.