Istanbul’s religion center Eyüp is also became as a toy center after the 17th century. In that century many children were taken to Eyüp especially boys before they were going to be circumcised.

Therefore, it was an entertainment center and Eyüp Toy Market became very popular. According to Evliya Çelebi’s travel writings there were 105 toymakers in Eyüp. Basic materials of toys were; discarded wood and tin from Tahtakale, excess leather and bowels from the Sütlüce butchery, and clay gathered from Kağıthane and Alibeyköy creeks. Unfortunately, after the 19th century, new and fancier toyshops which were in Istiklal Avenue was the reason that why most of the toy stores were closed in the Eyüp Toy Market.

Toy Market became the small fish in the big pond :( In 1957 Eyüp Toy Market was completely closed for the new Eyüp Boulevard. Nowadays you can find these toys at ”Cafer Paşa Kültür Merkezi” (Nişanca mah. Feshane cad. No:42 / Eyüp) and enjoy the nostalgia :)

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