I will be in Istanbul next Wednesday for an organized trip, until Sunday, so basically 3 days and 4 nights (with 2 days transportation).

Beside the main turistical objectives we have in Istanbul, me and my friend have planned to see a few more things. So these things are:

* A mall: Forum Istanbul, Kanyon or Olivium (or other) – I would prefer all 3, but at least Kanyon
– * One more bazaar beside the Grand Bazaar: Egyptian Spice or Mahmut pasa Bazaar or other
– * The Miniaturk
– * Basilica Cistern
– * Suleymaniye Mosque
– * Rumeli hisari – or another nice fortress
– * La Rue Francaise
– * And finally, to bath in a hammam

My question is how to plan these objectives in an efficient way, having the following:
– * On the 1st day we have free time after 4 pm, being close to Grand Bazaar (this is the last objective we see with the group);
– * On the 2nd day we have free time after 5 pm, when we return from Buyuk Ada to the hotel situated in Laleli
– * On the 3rd day we have free time after 3 pm, after we return from Dolmabahce

How shall we plan each objective in every day, so that we make economy of city walking & time?
Regarding the hammam, which cheap place do you recommend us?
Thanks a lot and waiting eagerly for your answer!!!