It’s warm outside. Days are long. Nights are sultry. You are longing for a beer, but you don’t want to sit in an overcrowded Beyoğlu bar. You want to smell the sea, see the stars and enjoy a refreshing breeze on your skin. All of these are widely available in Kadıköy: the municipality on the Asian side that is home to 2 of the best spots on the Marmara Sea coast…

Moda Kadikoy Istanbul


Moda is a small and cosy neighbourhood situated only 15 minutes away (on foot) from the harbour of Kadıköy. Its boulevard – lined with grass areas, trees and big rocks – is about 2 kilometers long and provides stunning views of the historical peninsula and Fenerbahçe. Moda is all about romance and relaxation and gives you a chance to breathe in some fresh air. In the evening, you find many young people here, especially couples in love and teenagers with guitars singing emotional songs to the starry skies. It’s the perfect place for having drinks, enjoying good conversations and developing new thoughts. There are many shops around the Moda boulevard, so you can simply buy your supplies over there.
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Marmara Sea & Hang out in Istanbul


A bit further down the Marmara Sea coast, but definitely worth the trip, is Caddebostan: a laid back, middle class neighbourhood situated between the famous shopping street ‘Bağdat Caddesi’ and the Marmara Sea. You can get there by bus or minibus (final desination: Bostancı), either from Kadıköy or Taksim.

Caddebostan tends to be a bit more crowded than Moda, but it never loses its relaxing atmosphere. In Caddebostan you’ll find a huge boulevard and nice grass areas where all types of people (and animals ) hang out: teenagers, entire families, gypsy musicians, couples, joggers, middle-aged men discussing their lives…In the distance you can see the Princess Islands decorated by thousands of lights flickering like the stars above you.

You don’t have to buy anything before going to Caddebostan. Right next to the boulevard there’s a large supermarket (Migros) where you can buy anything you need. If you get bored or need to use a bathroom, just go to Burger King or Starbucks, or simply walk up to Bağdat Caddesi and enjoy the many bars and shops over there.

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