Istanbul is one of the most popular romantic getaway destination. Istanbul is also great choice to propose your soul-mate. So @aduygus replied where to propose in Istanbul:

I would say Büyük Ada; which is a living fairytale….

This island is with in the Princess Islands group at Marmara Sea in Istanbul’s Anatolian side.

Wine & Romance

During Byzantine times, prince and other royalty were used to send to exile in this island. In history, Byzantine empresses Irene, Euphrosyne, Theophano, Zoe and Anna Dalassena were born to this small 5.36 km² island. As well as Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid , the mother of Prince Ra’ad the present claimant to Iraqi Throne.


Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery dating back 6th century stands still on the hills of the island, facing Marmara Sea, which is jeweled with dolphins, seagulls and sailing yachts.

Γλάροι στη Θάλασσα του Μαρμαρά / Seagulls over the Sea of Marmara

Many romantic and well-managed fish restaurants are set by the iskele (ferry landing). The island is amazingly calm and peaceful during winter and joyful during spring and summer. Narrow streets with colonial architecture reminds of a novel that is still alive and challenging.

In each corner of the island, history of Byzantine, Ottoman and Turkish characteristics are blended and today it is home of a multicultural community.

An escape to novelty has never been such easy with a weekend stay in this magical island. You can find small boutique hotels as well as hostels with small budget to medium budget pricing.

Fayton (Service Vehicle Horse Cars)...

Bicycles and horseback carriages are sole means of transportation. We suggest you to take a ride with a carriage, breath the green and fresh air for a while. Passing through the mansions of the hills, remember what you were aiming for, a lifetime happiness with your beloved sweet hearth. Cherish the breeze of riding and calmness. Here you are, in a fairy-tale and comes the time to break your silence…

Wishing you smooth sailing and a life time happiness.

Horses in Princess Islands