“I’ll just withdraw from the ATM in Istanbul, probably cheaper than cambio commissions. That’s accessible, yes?” question by Desiree Koh direct us to write this post.

ATMs are everywhere in Istanbul. You can use your bank cards, debit cards in most of ATMs and each of them has english menu. Here are the tips:

  1. Pay attention if you use 6 digit passwords. 4 digit passwords are in use in Turkey, so you may need to call your bank to get your 4 digit password.
  2. Calculate how many Turkish Liras you want to withdraw. Most of ATMs let you withdraw just Turkish Liras. Calculates up to the conversion rate of Bank. So you will need to select or type “100 TL”, if you want to withdraw “45 Euros”.
  3. Use your credit cards in restaurant, hotel or wherever you go, instead of withdraw from the ATM. Banks charge more comissions from ATM withdraws than pos machines of local businesses.
  4. This additional tip is more about banks: If you need to exchange money, find an exchange office and don’t prefer to use banks for money exchange. Banks’ currencies are different than Exchange offices.
    100$ in your pocket = 158TL in Exchange office = 154TL in Banks
ATM in Kadikoy - Istanbul

ATMs in Kadikoy - Istanbul