Travellers mostly ask about airport transfer and how to get to their hotel, like; “How to go taksim from airport?” , “Best way to go Sultanahmet?” , “how i can figure out airport transfer?” and so on..

There are 4 main routes;

  1. Atatürk Airport to Sultanahmet area
  2. Atatürk Airport to Taksim area
  3. Sabiha Gokcen  Airport to Sultanahmet area
  4. Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Taksim area

Ataturk Airport Arrivals

1. How to get to Sultanahmet from Atatürk Airport?

A-)Public Transport: (Recommended)
Go bottom floor of the airport when you land for Metro

When you land Atatürk international airport, you will just need to follow the “M” or “Metro” signs, which means u will just need to go bottom floor. To get on the metro you just need to pay 1.75 TL to get a coin.

When you get on Metro, you will see the route on each door, just don’t forget that u will need to get off in Zeytinburnu Station.(which means you will need to get off in the 6. stop after airport station)

Get on Tram

When you get off in Zeytinburnu station of metro, just follow the signs for tram to Kabataş(which you will use mostly while you in city). Get another coin and when you get on the tram, you may like to check the map above the doors of tram to see how many stops more left.. (its actually 17th stop to get off in Sultanahmet, but your hotel might be near Çemberlitaş, Gülhane or Sirkeci)

B-)  Taxi: It costs between 32-37 TL depends on traffic and route.

2. How to get to Taksim from Atatürk Airport?

A-)Public transport:
96T Bus goes straight to Taksim, however the route has 29 stops and may take more than a hour depends on traffic. 96T buses depart from airport almost every 40 minutes. You can check timetable here

B-) Havas Shuttle Buses:(Recommended)

Havas is the airport shuttle service. It has buses every 30 minutes from Atatürk Airport to Taksim. Takes almost 40 minutes and costs 10 TL.

C-) Taxi: From Atatürk Airport to Taksim Square, taxi costs almost 35-40TL depends on traffic.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport - Istanbul

3. How to get to Sultanahmet from Sabiha Gokcen Airport?

A-) Public transport:

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is located in an inner district of Asian side; Pendik. So there is no buses directly goes Sultanahmet District.
E-10 Bus to go Kadikoy(every 30 minutes, timetable for E-10 , costs 3,5 TL), then get on Kadikoy-Eminonu ferry(every 20 minutes, 1,75TL) and get on the tram from Eminonu to Sultanahmet(every 7 minutes, 1,75). At all the journey takes nearly 2 hours.

B-) Taxi: Taxi costs between 75-80 TL from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sultanahmet Square.

C-) Havas Taksim Shuttle + Taksi: There are Havas shuttles every 30 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Taksim Square. Costs 14 TL and takes 1,5 hours. After you arrive Taksim square you can pick a taxi to get to Sultanahmet which costs nearly 12 TL.

D-) Airport transfer: Some of hotels in Sultanahmet offers free airport transfer, if you will stay more than 5 days. Or you can directly ask your hotel to transfer you from airport and pay more.

4. How to get to Taksim from Sabiha Gokcen Airport?

A-) Public transport:

Get on one of the buses numbered 16S(longer route, cheaper ticket 1,75 TL) or E-10(Shorter route, double ticket, 3,5 TL) and get off in Yenisahra bus stop. 129 T numbered buses passing from that stop, so get on that 129T “Kozyatağı-Taksim” bus for 3,5TL to get to Taksim square.

B-) Havas Shuttle:

Like written above, there are shuttles every 30 minutes to Taksim Square from airport.

C-) Taxi: Taxi costs between 65-75TL depends on traffic.