Wizard Istanbul aims to suggest the best services to Istanbul travellers. For that reason, we need to check all services before making any suggestions to travellers.

Questions like “Which tour operator do you suggest for Ephesus tours?” or “I’m looking for a travel agency to organise my Istanbul trip. Can you suggest any to me?” are some of the most common questions asked by travellers. To respond to such questions we recommend unique travel agencies which have gone out of their way to satisfy customers.

If your travel agency/tour operator also provides Istanbul tours, you can fill in this form to apply to become a “Recommended Travel Agency” for Istanbul tours.

Here is a sample page from a Recommended Travel Agency

Benefits of becoming a “Recommended Travel Agency”:

  • Wizard Istanbul recommends travel agencies to travellers who are planning to visit Istanbul.
  • Wizard suggests travel agencies’ unique tours and packages to travellers.
  • Wizard gives suggestions to travellers in our Istanbul Guide e-books.
  • Wizard provides 24/7 city guidance via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook for your customers.

“Recommended Travel Agency” Application Form:

We have marked all required fields with an asterik (*). Make sure you that you have filled all fields marked with asteriks (*) before sending the form.

Your Name*

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Name of Travel Agency*

Website of Travel Agency*


Tursab Licence ID?(If travel agency based in Turkey)

What is your most popular Istanbul tours name?*

Can you please give us the link of travel agency's most popular Istanbul tour's itenerary?*

How many tourists visit Istanbul with your agency?(per year)*

What is the age group of your customers mostly?*
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General profile of your customers? *

Is there anything you want to add? or anything you want to ask?


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