Thanks to all contributors, “Istanbul Guides You – Travel Guide by lovers & bloggers” is ready.

Here is the “Istanbul Guides You” download page

If you are curious, the idea of this guide started like this:

Hey, it’s Mehmet -Istanbul lover-. I was thinking about how we can bring together Istanbul lovers and help more tourists to enjoy Istanbul as much as we do. Then it popped into my head that there is tons of content about Istanbul created by Istanbul lovers and I thought, “why we don’t publish one of the most valuable suggestion guides about Istanbul?”

So here we go! Istanbul lover, it’s time to spread the love together. If you have a website or a blog which has delicious content about Istanbul, let’s join forces to guide Istanbul Travellers.

Istanbul Guides You - Travel Blogger CollaborationEven if you are known by lots of Istanbul travellers, it’s clear that this will be useful for everyone. Why not? The goal is simple: we will combine our best posts and create a valuable Istanbul guide for Istanbul travellers. Our “Istanbul Guides You” e-book will be published and will begin to be distributed in June 2011.

In this way your blog/website will become even better known and we will able to offer one of the best Istanbul guides ever.

What will the Istanbul guide contain?

1-Top attractions (individual post for each attraction); best places to see (individual posts for each place); best things to taste (individual posts for each taste) and so on…

2- Unique tips (e.g. for couples, families or solo travelers)

3-Travel tips for Istanbul visitors (e.g. getting a taxi)

So, how do I begin?

– Choose  your 3 best posts

– Write a short description about your blog
– Compile a list of the 5 best posts you have read about Istanbul

– Put them all into one MS Word document
– If you also take photos, include them in the e-mail
– Send the Word document to istanbulguide[@]

We started to spead the love on 30th April and until now there are 45+ posts. We already started to organise and design “Istanbul Guides You!” after 20th May 2011, so hurry up, let’s help Istanbul travelers together.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us at istanbulguide[@]

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