WizardIstanbul.com is a 24/7 working service to guide tourists. It’s a volunteer organisation founded by Mehmet Cihangir -Istanbul lover-, and the Wizard Istanbul team grows day by day with new Istanbul lovers to help tourists to have better Istanbul experiences.

Our idea is simple and clear; we are trying to think like you and provide only the most useful and important information in our guides. The rest of the information is based on demand, which means we are waiting for you to ask questions about what you need to know.

Let’s say if you are curious about “If you can get to your hotel in Sultanahmet from the airport easily” or “If you can use your bank cards at ATMs in Turkey”, we will reply to your question in minutes. You can even ask while you are mobile via Twitter by simply messaging @wizardistanbul with questions like “When is the next Uskudar-Eminönü ferry after 2pm?”.  In this way you can experience Istanbul even better and enjoy the city we love!

So feel free to ask anything about Istanbul via TwitterFacebook or with our dedicated question form.

Catherine from Poland

It was so lucky that I came across Mehmet on Twitter, he helped us to see everything we wanted in Istanbul.

Claudio from Spain

My wife cares a lot about the service quality in hotels and while i was searching, Mehmet suggested a hotel to stay in in Istanbul. It was worth listening to him, because we paid 200 Euro less and the hotel service was great. Thanks again!

Vasilis from Greece

I was looking for Greek heritage in Istanbul and it was great to get a reply about how to get to all those churches and museums.

Anika from Denmark

We didn’t know where to go for a night out with friends and Wizard suggested some great nightclubs and pubs to me. After we returned to our hotel room, my friends were asking me how I could have known all those places :)

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